SF candidate criticises closure of local area council offices in Roscrea / Templemore

Sinn Féin local election candidate Joan Delaney has called the impending closure of the council offices in Roscrea and Templemore a blow to these small towns.

Mrs Delaney, the candidate for the local elections in the Roscrea / Templemore / Thurles area, said: “Even though the range of services these offices offered has been reduced in recent years the complete closure of them takes away another focus point for people to do business in Roscrea and Templemore.

“By moving the services to Thurles and Nenagh it takes certain footfall away from Roscrea and Templemore. Even the loss of the council staff and their contribution to the local economy on a daily basis can have a serious effect.”

She said that if elected to the council, she and her fellow Sinn Féin councillors would campaign vigorously to reopen the local area offices in Roscrea and Templemore.


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