Roscrea ‘through the ages’ launched



The much anticipated launch of Roscrea ‘through the ages’ website took place on Thursday evening last in the White House, Roscrea.

The website is sponsored by Roscrea Credit Union and builds upon the fabulous success of the Roscrea Through The Ages Facebook Page.

The launch night was a fitting tribute to the great work of the organising committee, and the sponsors who are confident that the website will go from strength to strength. Opening proceedings was Joe Coughlan who together with Joe Moloughney and Sharon Edwards, inspired the Facebook page that is now complimented by the fantastic new website. Joe invited everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy the evening. He recalled that it all came about after he wrote a piece in the Roscrea People in 2011 about the executions in Roscrea Castle during the Civil War. After writing that piece it occurred to him that all these stories should be written down so that they were never forgotten, and so that the younger generations in particular could learn from them. This inspired Joe to meet with Joe Moloughney and Sharon and the Facebook Page was formed and now has 1,400 members. Some of the stories featured on the facebook page and the website include the runaway train, the life of Daisy Bates who was born in Roscrea, John Moyney who won World War I honours in addition to stories about the Civil War in Ireland and the Famine. Joe thanked all those who have made contributions to date and said he welcomed all photos and stories with a Roscrea connection. One of the advantages of the website will be that the committee can put extended versions of some of its facebook page features on it. Another advantage of is that the committee can put up galleries of photos by local people. In particular Joe was grateful for the use of the Billy Delaney Collection which captured so much of Roscrea’s social history from the past. Joe thanked the Delaney family and particularly Billy’s wife Josie who was present for the launch.


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