Roscrea ‘stand up’ together

As Roscrea approaches the 20th anniversary of the Public Meeting in Roscrea of September 8, 1994 which committed to build a

swimming pool, RCDC commends the setting up of ‘Roscrea Stands Up’.

RCDC says that the whole community should be grateful to Derek Russell and the enormous courage he has shown and that it is incumbent on all the organisations in Roscrea, all the public representatives and all the agencies charged with the delivery of services, in and for Roscrea, to support ‘Roscrea Stands Up’. In particular it says that every individual in Roscrea and district, young and old, must continue to “stand up” against criminality and illegal self interest and for the development of community and its people, by attending in huge numbers any public meeting or public rallies.RCDC’s Chairman John Lupton says that there is still a temptation among some people to think that by highlighting problems, it may still create a negative image of the town. “While the status quo includes the criminal network of drug dealers who thrive in a culture of anonymity and community denial it also unfortunately often includes an element who may prefer not to be subjected to detailed scrutiny or accountability by the entire community.

Thus the words of Edmund Burke become applicable i.e “all that is necessary for evil to triumph over good is for good men to do nothing.” Mr Lupton says that most of what Roscrea has historically achieved socially and economically has been brought about by the people of Roscrea through the co-operative concept.

He cites Roscrea Bacon Factory and Roscrea Meat Products and from which Antigen was also founded. He also cites many others to include St Annes, St Cronans, Roscrea Credit Union and North Tipperary Leader Partnership.


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