Roscrea locals welcome Aldi plan

Local residents and property owners have welcomed the decision of An Bord Pleanála to grant permission to Aldi for the development of a food store on the former Morrows/Corporate Apparel site, at the rear of Main Street, in Roscrea.

Apparel site, at the rear of Main Street, in Roscrea.

In recent times, this entire area has become dilapidated and a location for anti social behaviour.

Welcoming the recent decision on the appeal to An Bord Pleanála, they highlighted the following amendments conditioned by the board, which will improve the effect of the development on the area.

These amendments include: the omission of a 5-metre high advertisement sign, along with the omission of some internal lit signs from side walls.

The conditions include the spending on €55,000 Special Contribution for the development of new footpaths. There will be restrictions on the delivery hours and opening hours. The developer is required to submit an agreed plan for landscaping and parking.

In light of the previous non-completion of the Tesco development landscaping conditions, the neighbouring property owners are adamant that they work closely with the Council and Aldi to ensure that the planning conditions are complied with in full.

The local residents will be calling on the planning authority to consult with them in agreeing the landscaping plan for this development, and to take account of An Bord Pleanála’s Inspectors recommendation that: “The proposed car parking layout shall be revised and spaces reduced in order to increase landscape area”.They are also calling on the Council to spend in the area, some of the €49,912 of development charges specifically ear marked for Recreation Community facilities, arising from the development. Full decision at pleaná


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