‘Rocky’ gets commitment on playground funding

Cllr John “Rocky” McGrath has secured a commitment from North Tipperary county manager that funding will be made available resources to develop the long awaited playground in Newport.

He stated that this represented a vital step forward in the process and brought the playground one step closer to fruition.

“This is fantastic news for the people of Newport and the surrounding areas who have been awaiting a playground for some time. The county manager has recognised that a playground is badly needed and has given an assurance that the Council are fully committed to and will step in to fund the project,” he said.

Cllr McGrath said he had been working on this issue and petitioning the manager for some time. “I am hugely pleased with this commitment. It is fantastic to see this vital project progressing to such an advanced stage,” he said.

The Lowry Team councillor said the only remaining stumbling block was locating and securing a safe and suitable site for the playground. “Child safety concerns are absolutely paramount and we are determined to find a site that is not only convenient but that best ensures the facility will be safe and away from road or other hazards,” he said


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