Residents lay siege to Gardaí

The death of a young man in Roscrea from suicide hasgalvanised hundreds of protesters in the town to take action against drug dealers.

Over 500 angry family members, concerned citizens, and anti-drugs campaigners took to the streets of Roscrea on Monday night in a spontaneous display of solidarity with those suffering from the scourge of drugs. They demanded the drug dealers in the town get “out, out, out” and that Gardaí respond to the rising threat of heroin.

There was a palpable sense of anger and frustration as Roscrea’s Abbey Hall - brimful to capacity - heard of the many families broken by addiction and violence. Unemployment, the worst recession in living memory, the lack of facilities for young people, and poor educational chances have taken their toll on this Midlands town. A local GP said the “glamour” associated with drugs is fake. “These people live with their mothers and they don’t have any wealth.” One mother who lost her son to drugs and drink said she would ‘stab’ any drug dealers if they walked into the hall. “I don’t blame my son. I blame the dealers.” Yet another said the two main drug dealers in the town should be named and shamed.

The anti-drugs meeting was called in response to a young man who died, leaving a suicide note naming the people who had bullied him. Photographer PJ Wright told the capacity crowd that bullying is an offence. “They can be got for bullying. They don’t have to be got for drug dealing.”If you know who they are, go to the police, he said. “We all know who these drug dealers are and the only way to beat a bully is to fight back and drive them out of Roscrea,” said another.

The meeting observed a minute’s silence in memory of those who have died from drug related deaths over the past years. Frustrated that the Gardaí did not send a representative, over 500 people marched from the Abbey Hall to the Garda Station on the Main Street, chanting “What do we want? Justice! Get them out!”

Full story in this week’s Tipperary Star.


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