North Tipp County Council appoints expert to examine Littleton cemetery flooding

North Tipperary County Council have appointed a hydro-geologist to examine the situation relating to recent flooding in Littleton graveyard.

Assessments are set to take place on the graveyard this week which has seen recurring flooding since its creation. The situation took a turn for the worse after last months bad weather causing surface water flooding throughout the graveyard with some parts seeing entire graves submerged. The graveyard flooding had caused great distress among families who have loved ones buried there, leading to an urgent response from the council.

Water levels have now receded but council members are seeking to put appropriate measures in place that will prevent future flooding. The expert appointment will help find the most suitable and cost effective way to prevent future incidents.

Funding for the village in North Tipperary will not come from the 2014 budget with county manager Joe McGrath stating “it will have to come from existing financial resources.”


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