New Tipperary Council website

Councillor Michael Fitzgerald, Cathaoirleach of Tipperary County Council, launched the website of the new council at the July monthly meeting.

The Cathaoirleach said that up to five thousand people log on to the council website each week, making it a very significant channel of communication with the public. The site was designed in-house, led by Ruth Maher of the Information Services section, with inputs from every council service.

The site is available at It contains a store of useful information on the county and the council and a series of frequently-asked questions; application forms for many services are available for download. It is a vibrant blend of photos, text and interactive maps.

Ruth Maher presented the site to the forty councillors, emphasizing its interactive nature and 24/7 availability. She advised that further development of the website is planned, focusing on mobile data and related platforms. The Cathaoirleach urged the public to visit the website and see how much business they can conduct on-line at any hour of the day or night, including making on-line payments for rents, loans, water, traffic fines and motor tax.

The news follows the launch last Wednesday morning of the new Council Services Desks.

The many telephone numbers that were in place across the county before the merger have been replaced by a single number for Tipperary County Council 0761-06 5000, and is charged as a local call from anywhere in the country.


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