New Church of Ireland Dean installed in Cashel

On Sunday night last in The Cathedral, John Street, in a ceremony marked by its simplicity, blessings, song and laughter The Rev Canon Gerald Field was installed as Church of Ireland Dean of Cashel Cathedral and instituted as Rector of the Cashel Union of Parishes by Bishop Michael Burrows.

As would be expected the church was full to overflowing as members of his own flock and of the neighbours across the way in Friar Street came along to get a first glimps of the new Dean.

In his sermon Bishop Burrows gave a very humorous and witty insights into what can expected from the Gerald Field most of which were greeted with smiles and laughter which is not the norm on such occasions. On a more serious note he went on to say that in living memory the deans of Cashel have been a very distinguished group of people in terms of their contribution to the church, the community and indeed christian learning in the area and he knows that Gerald has all the qualities to be both his own man and a very worthy successor to those who have gone before him. In a very short address at the end of the ceremony Dean Field thanked all who came to the Cathedral on the night he said that the welcome had been tremendous both for himself and for his family and is really looking forward to working with the people in Cashel. Originally from Birmingham, England, he has spent most of his life in the Preston area and in his ministry has served in parishes all along the north west coast. The move to Ireland wasn’t all that difficult, he had been a regular visitor for many years as his wife Lucy’s family all live in Roscommon. He concluded by telling the Congregation of when he first came over how puzzled he was on hearing of people going down to the shops to get messages, which to an Englishman was a very strange thing to do and when the messages came back they were put into a press, very confusing. Fr. Christy O’Dwyer welcomed the new Dean and wished him well on behalf of the Catholic Church. Junior Minister, Deputy Tom Hayes, did likewise on behalf of the civil authorities.


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