Fr. Paudie Sends Greetings From Brazil

Writing from his parish house in Juruena on 6th November, Fr. Paudie Moloughney sends fond greetings to one and all. “I know you will have all the news from Fr. Joe, Bart, Stella, Liam and Mary but nothing like the old fashioned letter at this time of year. More than likely it will be my last season of advent in the hot Mato Grosso Tropics, and hot it is at the moment”.

“It was certainly an eye opener for all. The locals were honoured with their visit and the children keep asking for Stella and her ‘tin whistle’. Had she stayed longer she could have opened the finest Comhaltas Ceolteori branch in Brazil. Fr. Joe’s blog (google Littleton to Brazil) was a wonderful job from his lap top. He was working morning, noon and evening on the blog and never missed a chance when we went visiting.

“Their visit was too short. Only when they had gone did I think of so many things I should have shown them, so many more places to see. Yet, their eyes were opened to a wonderful side of Brazil, they loved the food and were overcome by the hospitality, and the beer wasn’t bad either! Last week we had Confirmation with Bishop Neri. He is determined that I stay until Christmas and he wants to come in January for the “Buala Amach”. I will then go to Sao Paulo and wait for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations which include 50 years of Kiltegan missionary work in Brazil.

“Mary, my sister is thinking of visiting in February and Catherine and Jerry may come from Australia. I will write again before Christmas. Best wishes to all and hopefully the Moycarkey Borris Community Sports Centre will be well on its way by the time I return in 2013”. Fr. Paudie’s address is Casa Paraquial, 78340-000 Juruena, M.T., Brazil or email: <>


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