Farmers targeted in Tipperary

Tipperary farmers are warned to be cautious of rogue tradesmen looking to take advantage of them and their land.

Reports of 15 incidents were recorded in the Roscrea area alone. The move is a scam with rogue tradesmen looking to take advantage of farmers who may live in isolated areas. Farmers have reported that they were extorted for money and had valuable farming equipment stolen.

Some farmers have reported being both physically threatened and verbally abused. One case reported to Gardai involved a group of tradesmen pressurising the farmer into given them work after a number of trees had fallen down around his land, they were tasked with cutting and removing the trees. The farmer witnessed botched cutting of multiple trees causing damage to his property, knocking phone lines running through his fields and saw his equipment stolen, further more he was forced to pay these men after being physically threatened.

Fianna Fail’s Jackie Cahill a candidate in the upcoming local elections has condemned their actions, believing that the rise in scammers in rural areas can be attributed to the closure of rural Garda stations.

Cahill sees the formation of local watchdogs as important and can be done if text alert systems are put into place. His move was also backed by Tim Cullinane chairman of North Tipperary IFA.


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