“Eco village” receives gold medal from LiveCom

The housing estate known as eco village in Cloughjordan has recently been compared to that of a Utopia by residents after being granted a gold medal by LiveCom.

The estate is located in the small town of Cloughjordan with a population of approxiamately 850 residents which is located off of the Templemore road in North Tipperary. The village received recognition for its self sustainability in December 2013 when it was awarded a gold medal by the UN backed awards for liveable communities (LiveCom).

The new age eco village stands in contrast with the old town. Houses appear dispersed and vary in shapes, colours and size making it seem modern to the once vibrant marketing towns in the 1800’s.

Cloughjordan eco village is currently being developed by Sustainable Project Ireland, the company aims to create a model community which can be used as a template for further similar developments around the country. The project was launched in 2000 and has grown greatly since its creation.

53 homes have been built on the 67 acre site just off of the main street in the town. The 67 acre site consists of a woodland, research gardens, 12 acre farm, a district energy facility, solar farm, 32 bed eco-hostel and an eco-enterprise unit.

The building process for the eco village has taken 15 years and costing over €7 million, only a fraction of which has come from state funding. The estate has been created by the community and has seen houses created for members as part of community projects. Residents of the eco estate believe that similar estates throughout the country will provide for a better economy and improved environment.

Tours are provided on weekends at 3 p.m. for those who wish to learn more about becoming self sustainable. Peadar Kirby who moved to the estate in 2009 beleives “that eco villages provide the stepping stones to imagine a future that will look very different from the present”.


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