Damer House Gallery

Damer House Gallery is happy to announce opening of the Damer House Gallery on 6th May 2014.

The Damer House Gallery is based within the Damer House and Roscrea Castle Heritage Centre and is supported by the O.P.W. Our new season kicks off with ‘Exposure’ an exhibition of the results of a photographic workshop with Damer House Gallery and local participants on Culture Night 2013. The Gallery will be open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11am – 5.30 pm. Although there is an admission charge to visit the Damer House and Castle, the OPW has consented to waive this charge for the gallery.

Our mission statement aims are: A collaborative artistic research project, opening a new critical space within which to create/produce a platform for public awareness for art and criticism, through the presentation of contemporary art practice/dialogue, public discussions, and publications with unorthodox interventions, in order to explore what a such a vital space could mean for art and for the public in the Midlands. e-mail: damerhousegallery@gmail.com


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