‘Biblical’ Big Wind sweeps into Cashel

The hurricane force winds which did so much damage nationwide on Wednesday afternoon also left their calling card in the City of the KIngs and district.

There seems to have been little structural damage to houses although several roofs had slates, tiles and lead blown off that in most cases were replaced the following day. The same cannot be said for some of our most beautiful mature trees,the scale of the loss here is almost of biblical proportions. A walk around the town or out any road and one is quickly confronted time and time again with scenes of huge overturned trees all lying in a west to east orientation, similarities with images of the 1908 Tunguska Impact in Siberia quickly come to mind. Beech and Limes appear to have been the biggest casualties, although in conversation with land owners who suffered big losses, the might Oak’s resistance was broken in quite a few places. A hugh two hundred year old one, a familiar landmark to most towns people toppled over in the field in front of the Rock.

A giant beech at the back of the Cashel Palace Hotel fell into the Margaret White’s garden in Dominic St causing damage to the boundary wall which is also part of the old Cashel Town Wall, its upper branches almost completely covering the garden, miraculously a glass house survived with only two panes broken. In St John the Baptist Church cemetery three celtic crosses came to grief. The largest, which was erected in 1890 had its upper part snapped from the base like it had been match wood. As this monument had withstood everything the elements could throw at it for 124 years, the inference must be that last Wednesday storm was the most severe in that time span. In a strange twist the monument which is almost completely destroyed was erected in the memory of Michael Ryan, Main St, Cashel who donated the magnificent marble High Altar in the parish Church. The storm also knocked out the electricity to most of the town for about eight hours and when darkness came townspeople found themselves in a sort of ‘Back to the Future’ scenario, with no television, candles for light, in a lot of cases no heat or a means of cooking the supper. Thankfully help was at hand, the ‘Big Yellow M’ at Wallers Lot had the power and according to informed sources no one went hungry.

Amnesty Table Quiz

The Cashel branch of Amnesty International holds its annual table quiz in Brian Boru Pub on Thursday Feb. at 27th 9pm. Please support.


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