Nenagh Rail Group Welcomes Timetable

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NENAGH Rail Partnership has welcomed the faster train services to and from Dublin under Iarnród Éireann’s new timetable for the North Tipperary line. Duncan Martin, PRO, pointed out that weekday evening passengers from Dublin will arrive 25 minutes earlier than in 2012, while weekday morning passengers to Dublin will save eight minutes.

Many other trains are also faster. Punctuality should be much improved too, due to simplification of the timetable.

Mr Martin acknowledged that the loss of the early-morning commuter service to Dublin was disappointing. However, the failure of the commuter service was probably inevitable, given that the absence of a well-planned campaign to attract new users.

The result was low passenger numbers from the outset. This soon attracted negative coverage in the media and accelerated the downward spiral to withdrawal of the service. However, given a better planning process and a commitment to success, the outcome could have been very different, he said. “We will continue to work with Iarnród Éireann to develop the North Tipperary railway line, despite this setback, in order to give local people the service they want and deserve,” he said.

Mr Martin said that anybody who would like to help or support NRP was welcome to email him at


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