WUAG To Hold Protest Picket At Labour Commemoration

Independent T.D., Mr. Seamus Healy has stated that the presence of Labour leaders in Clonmel next Sunday must be marked by a strong protest. Labour in government, he said, were about to attack low and middle income people again. “Yet Labour has the brass neck to attempt to commemorate the founding of the Labour Party in Clonmel next Sunday”.

Mr. Healy said a series of cuts in next Wednesday’s budget have been leaked to the Irish Independent.

FAMILIES are facing a €10 cut in child benefit and medical card holders will see a doubling of the charges they pay for prescription drugs in next week’s Budget. Changes to the over-70s medical card means test and reduction in entitlement the home package of free TV licence, electricity and telephone allowances are being considered.

The cuts and new taxes will include:

* A €10-a-month cut in child benefit, which will drop from €140 to €130.

* An increase in differential rents for local authority tenants

* Unemployment benefit period to be cut from 12 to 9 months.

* A doubling of the 50 cent charge that medical card holders pay for medicines and other items that they get on prescription from pharmacies.

* Property tax of 300euro on a house worth 150,000Euro to be deducted through the PAYE system from employees

“However there is to be no increase in income tax for those on salaries for those on salaries above 100,000euro per year. This is an absolute scandal. The presence of Labour leaders in Clonmel next Sunday must be marked by a strong protest”, he said.


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