VHI Pays 39.9 million In Tipp Claims

During 2011, Vhi Healthcare paid out €39.3 million in claims for the healthcare needs of its customers in Tipperary. The biggest spend involved claims for the treatment of cancer which exceeded €6.24m, including €1.2m spent on claims for breast, bladder and prostate malignancy. Orthopaedic procedures including replacement knee and hip joints, fractures and back problems accounted for a further €5.5m of total spend, while heart and circulatory conditions cost almost €5.4m to treat. Claims benefit of €2.3m was allocated to cover 725 claims for arthritis and rheumatism.

Other claims payouts for Vhi Healthcare customers in Tipperary included:

€1.16m paid out on maternity deliveries, including complications;

€2.1m for treatment of eye conditions;

€979,000 for treatment of skin conditions;

More than 660 customers in Tipperary suffered slipped discs at a cost of €505,000;

€236,000 for treatment of alcohol and other substance addictions;

€430,000 for treatment of customers with pneumonia;

€305,000 for 260 customers admitted with acute respiratory infections;

€273,000 for 177 people with varicose veins;

€326,000 for 214 customers with men’s health issues.

€230,000 for 172 customers needing surgery to correct congenital issues present since birth;

Even fit people can incur claims costs as more than €1.1m was paid out on 560 claims for customers from Tipperary injured in falls, domestic accidents, workplace injuries, on the farm, or while engaged in sports and leisure activities.


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