‘Unfair’ property tax

Cllr Martin Browne

Cllr Martin Browne

SF Cllr Martin Browne has said figures showing that last year only €2.5m was raised by the so-called ‘mansion tax’ on houses over €1m and that only 1.8% of homes received an exemption, have shown the Property Tax up for the unfair tax it is.

Cllr Browne said these figures are unambiguous: they show that the property tax is an unfair tax with barely any deferrals or exemptions being applied. The Labour Party’s claims about the so-called mansion tax have also been shown to be “totally exaggerated”. The extra 0.25% tax on properties over €1m raised only €2.5m last year. The so-called mansion tax accounts for less than 1% of the property tax collected. The government’s initial projections were that 15% of homes would be entitled to a deferral from the property tax. It seems now that as little as 1.2% - only 18,700 homes out of 1.6 million homes across the whole state - will now be entitled to a deferral, added Cllr Browne.


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