Underground cabling in Tipperary?

Minister of State Tom Hayes TD has welcomed the announcement by Minister Pat Rabbitte, that a commission is to be set up to investigate the viability of underground cabling.

The decision follows widespread protests about plans for two new interconnectors in the southeast and the northwest which would involve huge pylons. Minister Hayes said: “I am delighted that the Minister has decided to investigate the possibility of running these cables underground. I welcome the fact that the Government will now investigate the system, which has been requested by many of those opposed to the over head cabling option. This decision proves that the Government is listening to the people despite claims by many of those leading the anti-pylon charge, who have used this issue as a way of both attacking the Government and furthering own agendas.I look forward to following the work of the commission and would like to commend the people of Tipperary for their dedication to the issue.”


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