Turtulla Cross in the spotlight after accident

Thurles Independent Councillor Jim Ryan has once again called on both the NRA and North Tipp Co. Council to carry out a safety audit on Turtulla Cross.

Cllr Ryan raised the issue at Monday’s meeting of the County Council when he asked the Senior Roads Engineer, Michael F Hayes to make contact with the NRA in order to apply for funding to carry out the necessary works.

“I have been raising the dangers of this extremely busy junction for a number of years now and while the council did carry out a job on it a few years back, more work is now needed. There has been a number of very serious accidents at this junction, the most recent involving a 3 car pile up last week. Residents of the area are very frustrated and I am calling on the relevant people to sit down and draw up a proper safety plan for the junction with immediate effect.

“I raised this issue at our last council meeting and the council agreed to meet with the NRA with a view to looking at the junction again to see what can be done. In my opinion street lights are needed, improved signage and proper road markings. This does not involve any huge land acquisitions so there should not be any major obstacles in coming up with a proper plan of action,” Cllr Ryan said.

Engineer Mr Marcus O’Connor told Cllr Ryan that lighting could help but the junction is a very tricky one as the stagger, or orientation, being the wrong way around.




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