‘Tsunami’ destroys bridge in Glengar



Hundreds of residents in west Tipperary were left without electricity, while several bridges were washed away in freak rainfall last Thursday.

Cllr Mary Hanna Hourigan (FG) said the amount of damage in the Glengar area put huge pressure on Council staff, who stayed working until nearly midnight on Thursday.

“It was like a tsunami,” said Municipal Dist. Chairman John Crosse (FG). Cllr Crosse said engineers need to come with a detailed plan to ensure that local infrastructure isn’t washed away in a similar deluge in future. Cllr Roger Kennedy (FF) said the whole area was “devastated.” “A number of bridges will need to be replaced. It’s a major catastrophe. Emergency funding should be accessed. Some of it will channelled through the Red Cross.” Hundreds of tonnes were washed away, through a valley mostly owned by private landowners. Those landowners need to be able to access emergency funding, stressed Cllr Kennedy.

Full story in this week’s Tipperary Star p4.


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