Town Council to be credited with fine work

Cuchulainn Road

Cuchulainn Road

Thurles Town Council is to be credited with having undertaken a fine job of work at the Cuchulainn Road/ O’Donovan Rossa Street junction which has been redesigned and made much more accessible.

The project had been ongoing for a few weeks and involved the acquisition, demolition, re-structuring and re-instatement of the road and junction which was one of the trickiest to negotiate in the Cathedral Town.

By windening the carriageway and giving plenty of space to the footpaths at either side of Cuchulainn Road, it means that the junction is far better from a motorist and pedestrian viewpoint, and therefore a lot safer.

The council has, in the past, come in for a lot of criticism for the traffic hold-up’s in the town - the last few months have been particularly challenging due to the laying of a new water main throughout - and while the new junction layout at O’Donovan Rossa Street and Cuchulainn Road will not speed up traffic to any great extent, it does solve a very difficult problem on what is a very busy junction.

Now that the junction has been sorted out and the Jimmy Doyle Road is finally beginning to be used by more and more people, the hope is that pressure will be taken off Liberty Square and this might help to free up some traffic chaos in the town centre. A very high percentage of through traffic in Thurles does not need to come through the town centre, but has to.




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