Tipperary credit unions pledge €60,000 to help victims of super typhoon Haiyan

Making a difference in the Phillipines.

Making a difference in the Phillipines.

Tipperary Credit Unions, with the Irish League of Credit Unions International Development Foundation, have pledged €60,000 to help those affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan.

A major element of the fund will go towards supporting the National Federation of Co-operatives for Persons with Disabilities in the Philippines (NFCPWD). The NFCPWD suffered catastrophic damage to their facilities and equipment. NFCPWD members have also experienced irreparable damage to their homes and communities. The assistance provided by the credit union movement will enable their members to rebuild homes and return to their livelihoods.It has been one month since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippine islands, figures released by the government on Sunday suggests that the death toll has risen to over 5,000 people and over one thousand people are still unaccounted for.


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