Tipperary County Council erects security gates at Nenagh Civic Offices to curb anti-social behaviour

Nenagh Civic Offices

Nenagh Civic Offices

North Tipperary County Council has closed off after hours and weekend access to the grounds of Civic Offices in Nenagh because of anti-social behaviour.

A council spokesperson told the Tipperary Star that there had been ongoing problems with people congregating on the grounds and the council had to remove rubbish and beer bottles on a regular basis.

The spokesperson said that while the council had installed CCTV and had a security company patrolling the grounds who would disperse groups, it was felt more security was needed as those gathering in the grounds were were wearing hoodies to avoid CCTV detection and could disperse before the security staff could reach them.

The council had also received complaints from residents in nearby estates and with the community creche on site, “we can’t have glass from beer bottles smashed on to the road”, the spokesman said.

They said the council had spent a “considerable amount of money” on installing new gates, which means access is now limited to 7.30am to 8pm, Monday to Friday only.


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