Thurles Council may do name and shame

Thurles Town Council may engage in a name and shame programme if non paying rate customers do not make an effort to settle their bills, The Tipperary Star can reveal.

Rate recepits for 2012 are almost 40% short according to Thurles Town Clerk Mr Michael Ryan - a figure which shocked elected members and left them wondering what course of action to follow in a bid to recover some of the funds.

Cllr David Doran had noticed the figure in the annual Statutory Audit Report and expressed huge surprise and added that if rates are not paid, services cannot be paid for. “It is not good enough that some businesses out there will not pay up. And, they need not think that the bills will go away when this council is disolved either because they will simply pass on to the County Council,” he said.

Cllr John Kennedy pointed out that many of those businesses who are paying up, feel very agrieved that some of their competitors are not paying rates, while Cllr Michael Cleary commended those who are meeting their commitments. “Perhaps,” he said, “ it is time to name and shame those who are not paying.”

The Town Clerk replied that some of those not paying up would almost see it as ‘a badge of honour’ to be named.




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