Thatched Cottages in Holycross village

Thatched Cottages in Holycross.

Thatched Cottages in Holycross.

The restoration of Holycross Abbey was brought to national prominence when an act of the Dáil was passed to allow the Abbey to become a place of worship.

The first reading The Holy Cross Bill by Jack Lynch took place on 21st January 1969.

This was a historical occasion in itself because it was the 50th anniversary of the first meeting of Dáil Éireann in the Mansion House. The act allowed one of the most elaborate and courageous restoration projects in Ireland to get under way. It was the early days of television but the publicity brought Holycross into national and global view.

The idea of having tourist related projects prompted the building of the beautiful thatched cottages. The rent a cottage scheme was set in motion in 1971. Holycross Development Association in conjunction with Shannonside acquired the site for the ten houses. They was strategically situated on the high left bank of the river Suir with a view of the Abbey from across the bridge. The local contribution was by share capital and amounted to £8,500. It was hoped the project would attract tourists to the village including returned emigrants, fishermen, historians and sportspeople. They were officially opened and blessed by Archbishop Thomas Morris on 1st October 1972. The lovely complex of cottages added greatly to the beauty of the historic village. Due to changing times and tastes the cottages are now privately owned.

Anyone wanting to take a guided walk through the village or the Abbey itself should contact HCN by phoning 086 1665869 or email




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