Templemore Caravans causing concern

Caravans located in the Railway View area of Templemore are causing concerns for local residents, heard this month’s meeting of Templemore Joint Policing Committee (JPC).

Cllr Lily O’Brien said the caravans “are causing disruption and should not be there.” Town Clerk Tom McGrath said the Council is engaging with the caravan dwellers. Supt. Gerry Delmar said “it’s an age old problem, and a slow process to get them out.” There is legislation in place to move Caravans from private land, but the process is complicated if it is public land. “If they do break the law, we will deal with them,” added Supt. Delmar. Cllr O’Brien said they “could move into the middle of the Square” and nothing would be done, and there seemed to be “one law for one, and a different law for another.” “If I was causing disruption to my neighbours, I would be treated accordingly,” she said. “If they are breaking the law, we will come down on them,” said Supt. Delmar. Cllr Mick Connell said all Councillors had received phonecalls about it. “This is a Council and a Garda problem.” There was a “lot of noise” coming from the caravans, generated by a “younger element,” he said. Mayor Martin Fogarty said that once the caravans are on public lands, “our hands are tied.” Supt. Delmar said there had been High Court challenges in relation to removing such caravans.


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