Tax relief should be given to the middle and lower income classes - Healy

Seamus Healy TD

Seamus Healy TD

Tax Relief and income increases should be given to those on middle and lower Incomes, says Deputy Seamus Healy.

“The poorest pay most tax but the government plans to give most relief to the very rich, little or nothing to those on middle incomes and nothing at all to those on low incomes while the super-rich are awash with money! New research shows that the poorest 10% of the population pay the highest rate of tax at 30.5% which is more than that paid by the richest 10% at 29.6%. This is the outcome when all taxes including, VAT, Excise Duty and Income Tax are taken into account. There are many ways of confining tax relief and income improvement to those on low and middle incomes. A third higher Rate of Tax on individuals on incomes of more than €100,000 and a tax on large financial assets (not homes, farms or workshops) would fund the changes and bring greater tax equity and fairness.”


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