Suspected arson attack on Littleton house

Littleton house.

Littleton house.

A Littleton family who were burned out of their home in Derrynaflan Estate last Halloween, have put out a renewed appeal for help in finding a permanent home.

The appeal comes just a week after a community centre in the village was set on fire, in the very same area where the family were violently attacked by a mob of hooligans.

Two units of the Fire Brigade were dispatched from Thurles at 12.50am last Thursday morning (July 3rd) to quench the blaze. The fire continued burning until nearly 3am.

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the incident, but thousands of euro worth of damage was caused to the house at the heart of the village.

“The house was well alight when we arrived,” said a spokesman. “There was considerable smoke and fire damage. There was no person in the house.”

Gardaí also attended and are investigating the incident. A Garda spokesperson said they have a definite line of inquiry in relation to a case of suspected arson.

The house is a Community Centre used by various organisations, including the children’s charity Barnardos. Members of the public with any information can ring Thurles Garda Station (0504 25100).

Meanwhile, the parents of the family who were hunted out of their home in Littleton told the Tipperary Star that life has been a living hell since the incident. The family have felt too intimidated to move back in, and are now saddled with paying a mortgage on a house they can’t live in or sell, while renting accommodation in the Thurles area.

Full story in this week’s Tipperary Star.


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