St Patrick’s N.S. Drangan - Whole School Evaluation

A Whole-School Evaluation – of Management, Leadership and Learning- was undertaken at St. Patrick’s Junior National School Drangan, Thurles, on February 12th.

All schools are subject to regular WSEs by Dept. of Education Inspectors. There are 52 pupils enrolled in the school and pupil attendance is “very good,” according to the Inspector who carried out the report. The school has strengths in the following areas: “The learning achievements of pupils in literacy and numeracy are very good. Teaching is very effective and the teachers exhibit a commendable ability to respond to the learning needs of their pupils. The parents’ association gives valuable support to various aspects of school life. The board of management provides effective governance of the school. The Principal demonstrates an excellent capacity to lead the school and to manage the sustained progression of standards in teaching and learning. Work undertaken on the school-self evaluation process is very successful.”

The Inspector recommended that a “coordinator should be appointed to the special education team, regular team meetings should be scheduled and a consistent approach to target setting in planning should be agreed.” The report goes on to say that the quality of teaching is very good. “The teachers demonstrate an enthusiasm for innovation in teaching approaches. Frequent engagement in professional development provides them with the confidence to be creative in the classroom. Imaginative, collaborative and investigative activities which promote higher order and critical thinking skills, are fostered consistently.” The pupils are “very well behaved and engage with high levels of interest and enthusiasm in their learning.” The inspector concludes: “The school’s capacity to develop further in school improvement is excellent.” St Patrick’s responded by saying: “We welcome this very positive school inspection report which affirms the high standards of teaching and learning in our school.”


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