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Start your spring cleaning now by donating your unwanted shoes and bicycles to St Anne’s Secondary School Tipperary TownTransition Year 2 Y.S.I. programme,

“Bicycles agus Bróga”. Shoes are made for walking so let them walk out of your closet and into the lives of people who need them.

For many years the Young Social Innovators competition is a major part of the St. Anne’s Transition Year programme. Young Social Innovators or Y.S.I. is a programme which gets young people active within their community to raise awareness about a particular project. This year Transition Year 2’s project is “Bicycles Agus Bróga”. Our aim is to collect bicycles and shoes for poorer countries which will bring better opportunities for the people of these countries.

As part of our project half of our classes are collecting bicycles to send to developing countries. We have researched this project and currently there is no charity in Ireland collecting bicycles. “Bikes 4 Africa” is a charity from Britain; they say that giving a bicycle to children will help them learn better because they will not be tired from walking to school which will result in better grades. A whole family will benefit from a bicycle as they will be able to travel to neighboring villages to sell their produce and set up their own business. There are also many other uses for bikes for transporting sick people to hospital and to carry large volumes of water.

The second half of our Transition Year 2 class here at St. Anne’s wishes to collect shoes for poorer countries. Shoes are very important to the people of developing countries as they protect people against foot parasites and bring greater opportunities in work and education. Shoes make it easier for children in poorer countries get an education. Not only do shoes make walking to and from school so much easier, but shoes are also very often considered a required part of the school uniform in developing countries, and without shoes, many children are unable to attend school. Adults also greatly benefit from a pair of shoes as shoes enable them to apply for better jobs and walk further distances for better work.

Root out all your unwanted shoes and runners and bring them to St. Anne’s Secondary School where they will be greatly appreciated by both us students and the people of poorer countries in Africa.

We would encourage everyone to support our fantastic project to help many people in need of a pair of shoes or a bicycle for a family. We hope to collect over 100 bicycles and are looking for people to donate teenage/adult bicycles in good condition. Donations of bicycles and shoes can be made at St. Anne’s Secondary School, Rosanna Road, Tipperary Town, Monday to Friday, 8.30am- 5.30pm. If you woulf like any items collected from your home ring the school on 062 51747.

For more information visit:óga


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