Smith calls on Government to loosen purse strings.

North Tipperary County Councillor Michael Smith has called on the Government to loosen the purse strings.

The Fianna Fail councillor who is a candidate in the up-coming local election said, in a statement to The Tipperary Star this week,

“Over recent days tens of millions of euros have been coughed up by the public in house taxes. These millions have flowed into the exchequer and there is no excuse for the Government in not loosening the purse strings and helping cash starved Councils to try and deal with huge road problems. Many roads are virtually impassable and it could shortly reach the stage in some areas where school buses and other services will be unable to travel these routes.

“Rural dwellers will not generally have the support of public water and sewerage treatment systems or widespread transport facilities. The only public service they may have is the provision of a decent road. Council Engineering and technical staff are continuing to do a lot to solve the problem but they desperately need additional funds to do the job. These resources are available now and it is up to the Government to respond to this legitimate need,” he said.


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