Shannon Authority Positivity on North Tipp lands

North Tipperary County Manager Mr Joe MacGrath has expressed his satisfaction at the openness and willingness to talk of the new Shannon Authority following the transfer of all property portfolios from the former Shannon Development in North Tipp to the new agency.

Speaking at a meeting of North Tipperary County Council, Mr MacGrath said that he had met with two officials of the new agency and discussed at great length all of the property portfolios including serviced and unserviced lands, the technology parks, and other buildings.

“They intend continuing along the same lines as the former company and have assured me that they will continue to talk to us. I must say that I was struck by their openness and their willingness to engage with us, and they have said that they will continue to engage with us in the future. That can only be positive,” the Manager told members this week.

The news was broadly welcomed by members on all sides of the Chamber.




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