Shalee flood relief works welcomed by Cllr McGrath

Cllr John 'Rocky' McGrath

Cllr John 'Rocky' McGrath

The commencement of long awaited flood relief work on the road from Shalee to Ballinahinch through to Newport, with special emphasis on the Coolruss area, has been welcomed by Cllr John “Rocky” McGrath.

The Lowry Team councillor confirmed that these works are now underway will be completed by the Council in the coming days.

Cllr McGrath said he had been petitioning North Tipperary County Council on the matter for a long number of years and was pleased that his representations had now borne the required results.

“Flooding on this road, and in particular at Coolruss, has been a huge inconvenience and annoyance to residents. For many years they have had to endure frequent and dangerous flooding. These roads have often been impassable. Frankly these roads have been very dangerous.”

“I have been working with the residents on this matter and have been repeatedly raising this issue with the council. These works are badly needed and I am hugely pleased that these works are now underway and will be completed very shortly,” said Cllr McGrath.

“I would like to commend the residents for their patience, co-operation and determination to ensure that this issue was addressed,” he said.

Cllr McGrath said that “opportunistic” comments by election candidates about the condition of these roads in the media in recent weeks only served to highlight their lack of understanding about the advanced discussions already underway within the council to ensure these roads were addressed.


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