SF And Labour Clash Over Health Leaflet Drop

Cllr Seamus Morris

Cllr Seamus Morris

SINN Fein’s Cllr Seamus Morris has defended his party’s decision to drop leaflets around Nenagh targeting Labour’s role in defending Health Minister James Reilly, despite him not having input into the leaflet.

The leaflets were dropped into letter boxes around Nenagh on Tuesday night and have the headline: “Your Labour TD Voted Confidence In Health Minister Jameas Reilly”. The leaflet then goes on to list promises made by the incoming Government and what it says is the reality.

There is only one mention of Fine Gael on the leaflet, tying them in with Labour’s decision to vote confidence in Minister Reilly.

Cllr Morris told the Tipperary Star this Tuesday that he “didn’t even know what was on the leaflet. It came from head office. They are printed centrally.”

However, he reealed that it was part of a concerted effort by Sinn fein to get more organised in North Tipperary and said the party was using the information gleaned form the electoral boxes to target selected areas and to get local people to help with the leaflet drops.

Cllr Morris said: “You are going to see more of this around the constituency. We are not targeting FG because we know there are no votes there. Labour are seen as the big sell out. Genuine Labour people are horrifed by what the party is doing. You have a Labour leadership that has never had another job other than as career politicians. I helped elect Alan Kelly and he has been a big disappointment to me.”

The Nenagh-based councillor said the attacks on Labour went back to what he called “anti-Sinn Fein” posters put up during the Fiscal Treaty referendum. He said these referred to a Labour claim that SF had voted in favour of the bail-out.

He also referred to Labour putting posters up in Nenagh in an area where they were asked not to and making a compplaint to the Gardai when SF removed the posters.

“Labour started this battle and we accept the challenge,” said Cllr Morris.

The SF councillor admitted that the leaflet was “not up to date”, as it refers to no Government action on cutting the costs of generic drugs. He agreed this had happened in the past few weeks.

Meanwhile, Junior Minister Alan Kelly of Labour said he was “intrigued by Sinn fein’s new found interest in health care” and accused them of being “hypocritical” and “partitionist”, cutting health care in Northern Ireland, where they share power.

“They have one set of policies for the North and another for down here. They are a partitionist party,” he said. “The people of Tipperary realise this. Their policies have no substance and they will be found out by the public”.

Deputy Kelly also stated that Sinn Fein had voted in the Dail to bail out “Anglo-Irish Bank and Seanie Fitz and their like. We are part of a Government trying to sort out the mess that was the result of that vote. I am proud to be the only public representative from North Tipperary in Leinster House that voted against bailing out those people.”


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