Roscrea ‘Ghost’ estate attracting vandals

An unoccupied partially completed housing estate in Roscrea is causing concern for nearby residents, says local TD Noel Coonan.

Deputy Coonan says he is pursuing issues of concern at Ros na Cronan housing estate. Deputy Coonan queried whether the Site Resolution Fund (SRF), as announced in the last budget, could be used to tackle health and safety issues at the privately-owned unfinished estate.

“I was notified of problems at Ros na Cronan by residents in nearby Ashbury who were concerned for their families’ safety following spates of vandalism.

This estate of 12 houses was built by the developer in 2006 and the houses are now all unoccupied.

The liquidation process has taken place. I contacted the HSE about the public health nuisance issues and they investigated the matter, sending a report to the Acting Principal Environmental Health Officer outlining concerns regarding the condition of the houses in the estate.

“I have been in regular contact with Minister of Housing and Planning Jan O’Sullivan, the Manager of North Tipperary County Council and the Council’s Housing Section regarding resolving problems at the estate.

Now the Housing Section of the Council is actively pursuing funding from the Housing Capital Section of the Department of Environment in order to acquire and refurbish the houses.

The Environment Section of the Council has also examined the site and prepared a report setting out remedial measures and timeframes for completion of works which will issue to those responsible for the site,” explained Deputy Coonan.

“As Ros na Cronan Housing Estate is completed, it wasn’t listed as an unfinished housing estate in the National Housing Development Survey 2010-2013 and is not be eligible for funding under the SRF Fund.

However, the Planning Dept. intends to make an application for funding under the SRF fund for Unfinished Estates that were listed in the survey.

I will continue to lobby for a satisfactory outcome for residents living close to Ros na Cronan,” concluded Deputy Coonan.


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