‘Rocky’ outlines council repairs to scenic areas following storm damage

Cllr John “Rocky” McGrath has provided an update on repairs to scenic areas in the Newport Area damaged during the adverse weather conditions. The Lowry Team councillor stated that significant damage has been caused to Step above the Silvermines and in the Clare Glens in recent weeks.

“Step is a scenic lookout point located high above the village of the Silvermines. It is an area of breathtaking natural beauty. Unfortunately, it has been very badly damaged in recent times both by the storm weather and by livestock. Picnic furniture has been damaged and the site itself and the landscaping is quite torn up.

“I can confirm that North Tipperary County Council are in the process of putting the repair of this area out to tender and work will commence on repairing this area as soon as possible,” he said.

Cllr McGrath also said that the Clare Glens was badly damaged by the storm, with a number of trees falling and blocking the walking paths.

“This is a very popular route and this damage is very disrupting to hikers and walkers from the locality. The clearing of these trees is very time consuming as the fallen limbs need to be cut and removed from the area individually. It is a priority of the council to have these works finished without any delay. The public will be also be relieved to learn that the council are almost ready to commence work on the improvement of the Clare Glens,” said Cllr McGrath.


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