Road Safety Authority says ‘no comment’ on speeding case dismissals

Speeding cases dismissed at Nenagh Court

Speeding cases dismissed at Nenagh Court

The Road Safety Authority has said it would be “irresponsible” of it to comment on speeding cases being dismissed at last week’s Nenagh Court due to various reasons.

Seventeen motorists were summonsed for speeding, mostly outside Roscrea by Go Safe operators, but 13 were dismissed by Judge Elizabeth MacGrath because people had not received notice of speeding tickets, cheques were returned from the central payments office in Kilrush, County Clare, because the time period for payment had been narrowly missed, the system was unable to cope with a UK licence and summonses were sent to incorrect persons. In one case a motorist paid an increased fine for late payment but the cheque was returned.

The dismissals mean no penalty points were awarded to any of the motorists, some of whom admitted they had been speeding. In some cases the speed was as low as 9km/h over the 80km/h limit.

Four cases were adjourned because of a case stated to the High Court. Six Go Safe operators were in court for the cases.

The RSA told the Tipperary Star: “In relation to the current issue around speed enforcement by the private contractor Go Safe our position is that an investigation has been ordered by the Minister and while that is underway it would be irresponsible for the RSA to comment on this matter.

“Furthermore the RSA does not have any role in relation to the tendering or the management of the Go Safe contract, nor do we have a role in enforcing the speed limits in this country, that is the responsibility of the Gardai.”

Two weeks ago a driver who challenged the calibration of the speed detector camera had his case dismissed after the court heard the calibrations operated at temperatures up to 21 degrees. The driver was able to show the temperature on the day he was caught speeding was 30 degrees due to the fine summer.


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