RCTLC - Election Meeting

There was a large attendance at the RCDC “meet the local candidates” public meeting in the town’s Abbey Hall on Thursday night last May 8th. Eight of the candidates seeking the support of the people of Roscrea and District were in attendance.

The largest political grouping in attendance was from the ‘Lowry Team’. There were three of the Lowry team candidates for the Thurles/Templemore municipal district, of which Roscrea is a part, in attendance. They were sitting Cllrs Eddie Moran, Michael Lowry Jnr and Evelyn Nevin. The next largest political grouping of candidates in attendance was from Fine Gael with two of its four in attendance in the persons of candidates Michael Madden and Joe Bourke. The other political groupings of Fianna Fail, Labour and Sinn Fein had just one candidate in attendance. Michael Smith was the

Fianna Fáil candidate present, Shane Lee the Labour candidate, while Joan Delaney was the Sinn Féin candidate in attendance. There were apologies, due to prior engagements, from John Kennedy (Labour), Seamus Hanafin (Fianna Fail) and Jim Ryan (Independent).

The large crowd of people from Roscrea and District in the Abbey Hall on the night were grateful to those

candidates who attended, each of whom made a three minute presentation and then answered a written question picked at random from those written questions submitted.

When each candidate went through the process there were then numerous questions asked of each candidate from the floor. RCDC Chairman John Lupton acted as Chairperson and was assisted on the night by his fellow RDCD members Steve Crofton, Liam Shanahan and Brendan Keeshan and the Abbey Hall Manager Marie Tooher.

RCDC are urging the people of Roscrea and district, eligible to vote, to come out on May 23rd and exercise their democratic right and thus to ensure that Roscrea will have the best possible representation in a larger electoral area and a larger county area than heretofore. RCDC are concerned that those elected to the municipal district of Thurles/Templemore should insofar as possible have a passionate commitment to the community of Roscrea and District.

“Otherwise, it is feared that Roscrea’s peripheral geographical location in the Municipal District and in the new Tipperary Authority Area might also see the community of Roscrea and district pushed to the margins,” said RCDC Chairman Mr John Lupton.


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