RCDC urges support

Development Council (RCDC) is to hold a meeting in the Abbey Hall this Wednesday (January 29th) at 8pm.

With Roscrea on the edge of what is to be a much larger Local Authority area for the whole county of Tipperary, RCDC insists that it is necessary for the town and its people “to empower themselves as a unified force and to be given a meaningful say at local Municipal Authority level to ensure that Roscrea progresses and develops,” says RCDC Chairman John Lupton. “All who are interested in Roscrea’s future are therefore urged to attend the RCDC meeting on Wednesday night next. If it were not for the people of Roscrea coming together in a structured way, Roscrea would not today have a modern leisure centre or swimming pool.

“While acknowledging that the economic environment now may be more challenging, community spirit must for all of that, be kept alive. RCDC can and will facilitate such an initiative. However, it goes without saying that RCDC will not in itself deliver the required infrastructural developments, employment opportunities and other social developments which are vital for Roscrea at the present time. Twenty years ago when I, as then president of Roscrea Chamber of Commerce, called a meeting to discuss a swimming pool for Roscrea, I said that Roscrea Chamber would not build a swimming pool for Roscrea but that all of us, the people of Roscrea, must do so by working together. We all know how the people of Roscrea empowered themselves and acted. Now we must act again. While there are things that never were in Roscrea, which we must think about and then bring about, there are also issues relating to things we always had but may not have in the future unless we make ourselves aware of these issues and the threat they may pose to some existing services which we now have,” added Mr Lupton.


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