RCDC election meeting

Roscrea’s Community Development Council (RCDC) will host a public meeting in the town’s Abbey Hall on Thursday May 8th.

The aim is to listen to and question those who will present themselves before the people of Roscrea and District as candidates to represent them as part of the Thurles/Templemore/Roscrea Municipal District of Tipperary County Council. RCDC are extending an open invitation to all candidates in the municipal electoral district who seek the support of the people of Roscrea and District. It also extends an invitation to all individuals, and local organisations to listen to and question the candidates on the night. Each candidate will be given three minutes to outline his/her policies, and why people from Roscrea and district should vote for him/her. RCDC Chairman John Lupton urges people to avail of this opportunity and states that the forthcoming local election for Roscrea will be most important given Roscrea’s peripheral location in an enlarged county local authority area. “The election takes on even greater importance, in the context of the number of businesses which continue to close in Roscrea and the number of young people of the area who continue to board the emigrant plane in search of a new life, out of necessity as opposed to choice. The people of Roscrea and District must ensure that they are represented by people who have an in-depth knowledge of the needs of the town and its people, and who have the vision, courage and perseverance to work on a strategy which will meet and satisfy those needs and thus empower people and reinvigorate a town which in many respects is losing its status,” said Mr Lupton. All are welcome on the night. Admission is free. RCDC urges all to vote on May 23rd and reminds those who may not be on the voting register to ensure that their name is added to the electoral register.


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