Problems mount in Cashel’s estates

Flooding, crime, and

sewerage buildup are some of the problems facing Cashel’s housing estates, heard this month’s Town Council.

Cllr Séan McCarthy drew attention to the Windmill Mill Hollow estate just outside the town boundaries.

No public lighting is causing concern for women, children and elderly people. The estate will have to be taken in charge by South Tipperary County Council before lights can be installed as the area does not fall under the remit of Cashel Town Council. “They really are petrified up there, at the amount of crime prevailing... especially during the dark winter nights ” said Cllr McCarthy.

Town Engineer Willie Corby said a similar situation exists in Castlegreen estate.

“There are 26 lights out up there,” said Cllr Martin Browne. “The first light is working, everything else is complete darkness.” Until the estate is taken in charge, the lights cannot be fixed.

Houses in Oliver Plunkett estate have regular sewerage problems, culminating in a flood in October, where some 15 to 20 houses were affected. The matter is being investigated, said Mr Corby. The problems are partially caused by plastic bags and other debris building up in the pipes. “There’s a blockage down the line. We ended up cleaning it. We will keep maintenance up on the sewers there, just to reassure residents,” said Mr Corby. The area has been surveyed, and it now appears as if all the pipes are running smoothly.

Mayor Joe Moloney said itg was relief to see engineers “staying on top of it.” The front seven or eight houses in the estate had “no kitchens” during the crisis. “A lot of sewerage came up causing damage,” said Cllr Moloney.

Meanwhile, estate liaison officer Catherine Andrews told Councillors at the start of the meeting that residents’ groups in Cashel can now apply to the Estate Enhancement Scheme 2013 for funding to help their areas. The Scheme has a budget of J1,000 and is open to all local projects aimed at enhancing the towns’ estates.

Cllr Maribel Wood put forward a motion: “That a street name plate be erected at Deerpark Road for the inner area, Deerpark Gardens, and that an additional public light be erected near the ramp of Deerpark Road.” The Town Council is currently arranging to have a name plate erected at Deerpark Road and additional lighting installed near the ramp on Deerpark road, responded the Town Clerk.


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