Pot holes a danger to users - Doran

The roads in the general area of Thurles and surrounding areas are in a very very bad state at the moment and I would be critical of the Co. councillors in these areas and their response to the widespread problem, writes Cllr David Doran.

The patch of road I have highlighted here is the Rahealty/Moyne Thurles road and the particular part just above whats known locally as Paddy Dunnes cross on the Thurles side. This is particularly dangerous because motorists have to actually stop dead and roll through it and while doing so could be rear ended as its just on a blind bend. To be fair to the councils front line staff they have come out and patched it but this is not lasting a day and its back as bad as ever.They have assured me that they are putting in place a permanent solution but what I have asked for in the meantime is some flashing signs to be put in place immediately because at least when this gets bad again people will be warned of the danger ahead. The roads all over from Moycarkey to Moyne were never as bad and I would be calling for an emergency fund to be sought and a lifting of the current moratorium on staff to get these roads fixed.




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