Phil Hogan to end 800 years of history?

With only weeks remaining before the abolition of Cashel Town Council and the closure of the Civic Offices and Motor Taxation Office, Cllr Tom Wood believes Minister Phil Hogan should perform the closing ceremony.

Cllr Wood believes that an invitation should be sent to Minister Phil Hogan and Minister of State,Tom Hayes, to perform a closing down ceremony at the Council’s Friar Street headquarters.

“If there was anything to be opened or a chance of some political gain they would all be rushing to Cashel so lets invite them now to witness what our Heritage Town is about to suffer under their governance”, he says.

According to Cllr. Wood, the old city of Cashel became a borough in 1216, and, with its ancient Corporation, Town Commissioners, Urban District Council and Town Council, had various forms of local government for nearly 800 years.

Records show that in the years prior to the construction of the City Hall on Main Street in the 18th century, the Corporation met at the Mayors Office in John Street.

Construction of the present Civic Offices, on the former Presentation Convent site in Friar Street, was completed in 2000 and the modern centre, Aras Chaiseal Mumhan, was quickly acclaimed not alone for the high standard of facilities available to meet the Councils needs, but for the variety of services offered to the public, both urban and rural.

Councillor Wood said: “The abolition of the Town Council, closure of the Civic Offices and the Motor Tax Office is a severe blow to the status of Cashel and to the civic and economic life of the area and I sadly equate it with the closure of Our Lady’s County Hospital on the Green nearly twenty years ago under the same administration.

“Nothing will be saved, we will all be the poorer for it and as it all happened at the stroke of a pen and in the name of, (the local government reform paper) Putting People First, we were sold out by people who should have made some attempt to fight for and stand by Cashel,” concluded Cllr Wood.


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