No issue with Thurles water safety - Manager

Thurles Town Manager Mr Matt Shortt has reassured members of the public that there is no issue with the quality of water in Thurles, despite some discolouration in the town supply.

This has been a much debated issue in recent times with Cllr Jim Ryan having brought the matter to the attention of officials on a number of occasion. And, the Independent Councillor once again raised the issue at the January meeting of the council and said that people are very concerned about the quality of water, and about the level of lime in the supply which is ruining equipment.

“I know I have raised this in the past but I feel it needs to be raised again because people are very concerned and getting to the stage where they are afraid to drink the water,” Cllr Ryan said.

Councillors John Kennedy and David Doran supported Cllr Ryan’s comments and said that business people in the town who are using the water supply are noticing the high levels of lime in the system at the present time as well as the discolouration.

However, Mr Shortt moved to allay any fears and stated that the lime and discolouration issues are separate ones. Lime, he said, is in the water supply from source and is not harmful in any way to people using the water. There is nothing that can be done about this and he encouraged people to use filter systems on their own supplies - there is no funding available to deal with lime as a local authority.

“There is always a risk of discolouration in the water supply when pipes are being dealt with. But, I want to assure people that the water is being tested regularly and monitored and there is no issue with water quality or safety. We are keeping a very close eye on this while the work is going on ,” Mr Shortt said.

Once the Thurles Regional Water Supply Scheme comes into place, the water will be drawn from the Clodiagh River and will be a soft supply, meaning no more lime in the system - good news for everyone in the area.




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