Nevin Welcomes Opening Of Monastery Close

Thurles Town Councillor Evelyn Nevin has welcomed the opening of Monastery Close a brand new, state of the art development designed to support and assist sheltered independent living. Councillor Nevin explained that this development consists of 23 two bedroomed houses and 11 apartments that will be provided to a variety of people in the community, with both a retirement village aspect and a social housing side.

Councillor Nevin stated;

“There will be a number of schemes in operation which will allocate these homes to some of the most needy in our society. The first scheme will cater for those on limited means and who are approved for rehousing with the local authority. The second scheme is targeted at those who do not meet the requirements for rehousing with the Council but who would benefit from sheltered accommodation. This will allow those who are retired and who wish to relocate to the town a chance to avail of a top class home with some external support if required.”

“Essentially these homes will afford people the chance to live independently whilst still offering a close community environment and assistance if it is required. A main meal is provided for all residents and an emergency call system is in place should the residents have any distress.”

Councillor Nevin stated that this facility will be a vital amenity for the people of Thurles and will assist in providing safe and secure housing for those who require some additionally assistance in the home.

“As a Councillor I am very aware of the huge pressures the Council are under to provide housing to those who are need of social housing support. There are a huge number of people awaiting homes that simply are not yet available. This facility will go some way towards assisting this situation by catering for some of the more vulnerable members of our community.”

“I would like to congratulate and commend all involved in bringing this vital project to fruition. In particular I would like to congratulate Thurles Rotary Club and their President Jonathon Gleeson. The Rotary club have been instrumental in raising awareness and driving this project forward and were behind the very successful launch as held last week. I would like to mention Mr. Seamus Shields who is the director of this facility and who has done such a sterling job to date. I would like to wish Seamus and all staff every success into the future.”

“Another open day will be held in the Spring but if anyone is interested in this facility or would like to see it they should contact either the director, the Rotary Club, or myself.”


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