Nenagh’s final JPC meeting a ‘sad night’

Cllr Tom Moylan

Cllr Tom Moylan

Nenagh Joint Policing Committee’s final meeting this Monday was described as a “sorry night”. The committee will be abolished along with Nenagh Twon Council in May’s local elections and will be brought under the new merged Tipperary County Council. However, the council will have the power to dissove its functions into the new Nenagh Municipal District Council.

Cllr Tommy Morgan described the winding up of the committee as a “diminution” of what town councils were all about.

Describing its role, Cllr Morgan said: “Five or six years ago there was a lot of trouble around Halloween. The emergency services were attacked by bottles and stones.”

However, the JPC had initiated a programme to eliminate bonfires and uncontrolled fireworks and there was only one callout last year to a minor incident.

Committee chair Cllr Tommy Moylan thanked all those who had helped over the five years.

“This has been a succcessful committee, having an input ito bylaws on drinking in public, dog fouling, CCTV and working with community groups,” he said.

Cllr Moylan thanked Supt Bob Noonan, Insp Brian Conway, former inspector Bernard Barry and Sgt Pat Curran and Sgt Tom Dillea for their input, along with council staff.

Supt Noonan said it was a “sad night”, but hoped that what will replace the committee will be better.

He praised the work of the community groups, especially in delivering panic alarms to the elderly.

Community representative Martin Langton said it was a “pity to lose the committee”, and revealed that Neighbourhood Watch had distributed 400 panic alarm buttons, with more people looking for them.


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