Nenagh photographer’s latest book turns the local into the universal

Dromineer as the Impressionists may have drawn it

Dromineer as the Impressionists may have drawn it

Award winning Nenagh photographer Padraig O Flannabhra has turned his attention to Dromineer, a place close to his heart, for his latest collection.

In a wonderful play on words, DeLight in Dromineer captures all the comings and goings of the lakeside village, but, more importantly, it captures them in various shades of light that adds emphasis to the beauty of the place.

As Padraig pointed out at the launch, he would have loved to have seen what the Impressionist painters would have made of the purity of the light on the lake. And to give us a flavour of what Renoir, Monet or van Gogh could have drawn on canvas, Padraig’s photograph of shimmering boats at the pier shows us that we are looking at the work of someone who is not just familar with his own medium, but is aware of how art forms complement each other.

DeLight in Dromineer is a study, not just of the place and its people, but also what it means to them. Delight is etched on the faces of visitors, sitting on the grass, splashing in the water, playing football, doing ordinary every day things on a fine summer’s day in Ireland. These are not just snapshots, they are studies of people enjoying themselves, with bright blue skies overhead and lake water lapping at their feet.

However, it is Padraig’s atmospheric shots of the cold winter’s day, the fog descending, the snow covered trees and roads, his shots of local buildings that show the local is also the universal. A photograph capturing the light on the boathouse could be New England, Courtney’s bungalow is a reminder of the Raj.

Dromineer is not just another place for Padraig. It is a place that is firmly located within his soul. Don’t buy this book and treat it is a collection of personal photos. Take time to study each one, to understand what the photgrapher has caught on camera and why, and, more importantly, to share Padraig’s delight in Dromineer.

DeLight in Dromineer is available in bookshops or from padraigoflannabhra@eircom.net


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