Nenagh is the ‘best hospital for inpatient care’

Nenagh Hospital is the best in the country for waiting times, according to hospital staff member and town councillor Lalor McGee.

The figures showed that adult inpatients had to wait no longer than eight months, while children had to wait no longer than 20 weeks.

Anyone waiting for a gastro-intestinal scope will be seen within 13 weeks, according to the figures contained in the survey.

Last January, there were 2,202 patients waiting longer than eight months on the inpatient treatment list. By November 14, this had been reduced to 302, a reduction of more than 86 per cent.

“These remarkable achievements by staff members at Nenagh Hospital have been achieved under very difficult conditions such as a moratorium on employees,” said Cllr McGee.

“It is a testament to their hard work and dedication and is in stark contrast to the recent unwarranted negative publicity they were subjected to.”

he said that although these numbers were still above an acceptable level, staff members were working diligently to rectify this and he complimented them on their extraordinary efforts.


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