Nenagh councillors complain over number of lights not working

Nenagh town councillors have complained that they are not getting the same response from Airtricity regarding broken lights as they had got from the ESB whe it was in charge of repairs.

Cllr Tommy Morgan had claimed there were a lot of lights out around the town and wondered if there was an issue with them. However, town engineer Peter Fee said there was no issue, it was just a lot of defects had to be addressed.

But Cllr Virginia O’Dowd said that with the contract now with Airtricity she had got no response to phone calls and emails to them.

“It is a poor thing for them not to answer phone calls or acknowledge emails,” she said, describing the former ESB contact in the town as “brilliant”.

Cllr Seamus Morris said that that contact had moved to Kilkenny, and while Airtricity had been “great” during the winter storms, the service had “failed miserably” over the past while.

Town manager Marcus O’Connor admitted that faulty lights were not being repaired within 10 working days and that had been pointed out.


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